A great white shark found off the SC coast.see for yourself

Scientists may not need a bigger boat than this, but they’ve been observing great white sharks swimming along the South Carolina coast this week as well.

The 341-pound, nearly 11-foot-long female shark named Andromache was first spotted off the coast on Monday and last seen on Thursday, according to shark-tracking website OCEARCH. The shark, tagged by scientists in August 2020, was heading south for OCEARCH this season. Facebook post state.

To see Andromache’s Journey and other sharks tracked by OCEARCH, here.

The shark is named after the Greek letter Andromache, a symbol of motherhood, strength and courage.

Andromache is the first tracked great white shark to travel south this season, according to OCEARCH.

“Last year she also moved early, arriving in the Outer Banks by the end of October,” OCEARCH wrote on Facebook. Factors such as these will spur action on these animals, and we will see more sharks migrate south later this month and into November.”