A groundbreaking ruling for a woman who lost her job saying “biological sex is real”

Maya Forstater, who lost his job because people can’t change their biological gender, received praise from Harry Potter writer JK Rowling and, after appealing, made three claims at the new Employment Tribunal. Won.

This follows the June 2021 Employment Court ruling that Forstater successfully established a binding case that “gender-critical beliefs are, in principle, protected by equality law.”

Following that appeal, her proceedings continued at the Employment Tribunal, determining whether she was torted by her former employer based on her protected beliefs.

Protected Gender-Critical Beliefs

Forsteater, who worked as a tax expert at Center for Global Development (CGD), did not get a contract renewal in March 2019 after posting. Tweet We oppose the government’s proposal to reform gender recognition laws so that people can be identified as the opposite sex without a medical diagnosis of gender identity.

This includes “the inner feeling that a man is a woman is unfounded in material reality,” and Credit Suisse’s director, Pipps, who identifies him as a woman during part of the week. It involves describing Vance as a “part-time crossdresser.” .. “

Negative results from Forstater’s Twitter posts and comments, and a statement of her protected gender-critical beliefs turned out to be “illegal discriminatory.”

In a ruling issued Wednesday, employment judge Andrew Glenny said, “There are enough belief-based indirect discrimination complaints about the decision not to offer a contract to Forstator or to renew a fellowship following her tweet. There is a basis for this. “

Forstater, a public policy researcher who co-founded the human rights group Sex Matters a year ago, issued a statement stating that her case is “important to anyone who believes in the importance of truth and freedom of speech.” ..

“We are all free to believe in whatever we want,” she said. “What we cannot be free to do is to make others believe in the same thing, to silence those who disagree with us, or to force others to deny reality.

“Human cannot change sex. I don’t hate to say that. In fact, it’s important to treat everyone fairly and safely. It shouldn’t take courage to say this, so No one should lose their job by doing so.

“I’m glad that the court allowed me to record what happened to me at the Center for Global Development because the court said that biological sex was realistic and important. I discovered that I was a victim of discrimination. This is a view shared by the majority of people in this country. I hope the employer pays attention to that decision. “

JK Rowling

Harry Potter author JK Rowling posted a tweet in support of her after the sentence.

“Thanks to the @MForstater warrior, all women who have been harassed, silenced, bullied, or unemployed because of their beliefs that criticize their gender are now more free and safe. #SexMatters #IStandWithMaya” Rolling Is writing.

According to a statement from CGD Europe, the main purpose of think tanks is “to maintain our values ​​at all times and to maintain a workplace where everyone can participate” and is considering “the next step in this case”. increase.

Amanda Glassman, Chief Executive Officer of CGD Europe, said:

“The main purpose of CGD was to maintain our values ​​at all times, welcome everyone, including transgender, and maintain a safe, inclusive workplace and environment,” Grassman said. I am saying.

Lily Zhou and PA Media contributed to this report.

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