A group of activists supporting anti-Israeli protests organized by terrorists across the United States

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An activist organization that previously supported terrorism and another organization belonging to a group allegedly working with terrorists organized dozens of anti-Israeli protests in major US cities over the weekend.

Samidung, who has been designated as a terrorist organization in Israel and has a branch in the United States, Promotion There were 80 demonstrations from Friday to Sunday and 49 demonstrations in major cities across the United States on Saturday. The Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM), an anti-Israeli group, organized a small number of demonstrations.

“Currently, there are more than 200 martyrs on the border between Palestine and Lebanon, and the whole of Palestine is rising … the most brutal violence of the colonists, immobility, struggle, and a revolutionary liberation of the future. I am facing a promise, “said Samidun. ..

With Samidun PYM helped organize In August 2020, protesting “Days of Resistance” across the United States, some participants raised the flags of Hezbollah and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).Both groups designated The Daily Caller News Foundation reported as a foreign terrorist organization by the State Department.

Israeli forces continued air bombing near the city of Gaza on Monday after Hamas and other militant groups launched thousands of rockets on Israeli territory, Associated Press report.. Since the attack began, at least 188 Palestinians have been killed, more than 1,200 have been injured, and approximately 3,100 rocket attacks launched from Gaza have killed eight in Israel.

Thousands of demonstrators protested for hours in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday, climbed streetlights, set off fireworks, and stopped traffic in some areas of NBC New York. report.. Samidung promoted the protest and named the New York branch as the organizer.

The “Days of Resistance” demonstration reminds the world that the Palestinian people will continue to rise, confront all attempts to clear and destroy the cause of Palestine, and resist punishment, exile, and genocide. did. Said In a statement, DCNF reported.

PYM helped organize and promote pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Atlanta, Georgia. Dallas, Texas; Detroit, Michigan; Los Angeles, CA and San Diego. Washington DC, by The current action to stop the war and end the racist coalition. The PYM is associated with an anti-Israeli boycott, withdrawal of investment and sanctions (BDS) movement, and its leader, Mohammad Narsi, called for the death of the Israelis, DCNF reported.

“If anyone understands the condition of the Palestinian people, that’s us,” Muhammad Abdullah said Saturday at a demonstration in Dallas, Texas. “Looking at the Palestinian brothers and sisters and looking into their eyes, we see a black brother in South Dallas. That same struggle, the same pain we experience.”

KTLA 5 reported that thousands of people had gathered in Los Angeles, California, with the “Free Palestinian” sign and chanting “Long-lived Intifadas.” According to Facebook, the demonstration focused on “resistance to liberation” and was co-sponsored by several organizations, including PYM and the US Palestinian Community Network.

Hundreds of people participated in pro-Palestinian demonstrations and marches in Atlanta, Georgia.Saturday, Atlanta Journal Constitution report.. Some people put up signs that “Palestinians, Muslims, Christians, and Jews are all oppressed by Zionists” and “I can’t breathe since 1948.”

A video show where thousands gathered for demonstrations in Washington, DC, and Professor Knowla Eracat called for sanctions and demilitarization of Israel.

By Kaylee Greenlee

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