A hidden coyote is staring at you in this Texas photo. can you find it?

there is secretly Coyote hiding in photo It’s shared with Texas State Park and you might miss it if you don’t look closely.

Galveston Island State Park posted a photo to Facebook on November 16, asking, “Can you spot the coyote?”

According to Galveston Island State Park, “Coyotes are masters of camouflage and are specially adapted to life on Galveston’s coastal prairies.

The photo is below.can you see animal?

Need a hint?

In this particular photo, that Wildlife officials said they can be seen mingling “perfectly” with bushy bluestems (scientifically known as Andropogon glomeratus).

You may need to zoom in a bit, but there is a predator to the left of the yellow bar. it’s staring at you

The coyote

The coyote “matches perfectly with the bushy bluestem,” officials said.

“I found him. I always thought it was easier to see wildlife in person than in pictures,” said one.

“Took me a minute to find it,” wrote another. “So cool! Thanks for sharing!”

“This is nice,” said another Facebook user. “Our island wildlife is amazing!!”

Experts say if you see a coyote in person, you should keep your distance. They recommend a ‘thumb test’ to make sure you are far enough away.

The state park says, “Keep your thumb up and your arm outstretched in front of you. If you close one eye and the animal is bigger than your thumb, you’re too close!”

Coyotes are common throughout TexasThat’s because they’ve “easily adapted to the expansion of human communities into their habitat,” according to state wildlife officials.

Texas Parks and Wildlife did not immediately respond to a request for more information about the photo, including when it was taken and who discovered the coyote.

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