A historic building destroyed in Cape Town

Wildfires on the slopes of Table Mountain in South Africa have spread to the nearby University of Cape Town campus, forcing hundreds of students to evacuate, officials say.

The flames spread shortly after an outbreak near the monument to politician Cecil Rhodes on Sunday morning. The restaurant has been destroyed.

The university’s historic library and other buildings were also affected.

Four helicopters are bombing the flames.

According to South Africa National Park, firefighters were warned at 09:00 local time (07:00 GMT). Due to the low humidity and dry bushes, the flame spreads quickly.

He added that the fire created its own wind, further increasing the rate of spread, and estimated that firefighters would take at least three days to control the flame.

“As a result of the initial investigation, it is speculated that the cause of the fire was the fire of a vacant wanderer,” he said.

Firefighters leave areas where the flames are too aggressive as wildfires burn out of control in the hills of Table Mountain.

Over 120 firefighters have been deployed in the area

A helicopter fights the flames that destroyed the nearly 200-year-old Jagger Library on the University of Cape Town (UCT) campus.

Helicopters have been used to try to control fire

More than 120 firefighters were deployed in the area, one of whom had to be sent to the hospital to treat burns.

The fire partially destroyed the Jagger Library at the University of Cape Town and the historic Mostats Mill. Other buildings were also affected.

“All UCT students were evacuated from the campus by emergency service support staff,” the university said on Twitter.

Firefighters are trying to extinguish a fire at the Jagger Library at the University of Cape Town

Jaguar Library was partially destroyed by fire

The historic Mostert Mill smoldering firefighters fight to contain a fire on the slopes of Table Mountain

The historic Mostert mill can be seen in the ruins after the flames

Residents of the area are warned about smoke and soot in the air and are told to keep windows and doors closed.

Meanwhile, hikers in Table Mountain National Park were urged to leave, and drivers parked in the area were told to collect cars.

Firefighters check out a burnt house used as a student at the University of Cape Town.A dwelling due to a wildfire runaway at the foot of Table Mountain

The house that was used as a residence for students at the University of Cape Town was also partially destroyed.

Table mountain

This file photo of Table Mountain shows its location above Cape Town