A Japanese female pro gamer was fired after a man under 5 feet 7 inches tall said he “has no human rights”

One of the most prominent women in the esports battle, Kana “Tanukana” Tani has terminated her contract with Cyclopes Athletic Gaming after making controversial remarks.

In the world of esports dominated by male players, Tanukana stands out for her impressive record and “Tekken” ranking.But on Thursday, a comment from her live stream she said there was no “human rights” for short men under 5 feet 7 inches. to add People who have fallen to height should consider surgery to stretch their bones.

As a result, she was fired from the Japanese esports company Cyclops Athletic Gaming. Its main sponsors are Red Bull and Alienware.

Tanukana is not new to controversy. In 2020, she reportedly “suicided” someone watching her stream, saying they were “the most annoying trash in society.” Kotaku..

As Kotaku points out, the Japanese word for “human rights” is Also “Jinken “(human rights), It can have a different meaning in the game world. There is a debate about whether the gamer meant something completely different in her live stream.

Since the incident, Tanukana has made a series of apologies, but many have criticized her lack of integrity.and Archived tweetsIn response to criticisms surrounding her comments on short men and human rights, she simply “insufficiently expressed her love for tall people.”

Cyclopes Athletic Gaming Issue a statement “I don’t believe in discrimination or insults,” the company said. “I decided to cut off my relationship with Mr. Tanukana.” Tanukana then announced several apologies on her Twitter account expressing her regrets. Since then, the stream recording has been deleted.

According to 2018, the average height of Japanese men is 5 feet 7 inches study..

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