A Japanese man (47 years old) lives his dream after marrying his favorite idol (20 years old)


A Japanese man named Mitsuo realized his dream when he married his 27-year-old favorite idol, Yuki Tomoe.

Tomoe In 2020, he made his debut at the age of 17 as a new member of an idol group based in Osaka, formerly acting as a substitute member. Mitsuo, who was 44 at the time, was already a fan of the group and Hit immediately With new additions.

“The moment I saw her, I felt like I was looking at a glittering rock,” he said. “She’s new, but her performance was amazing and very cute. So I decided to support her.”

As an avid fan, Mitsuo traveled from Oita to Osaka every week to see Tomoe’s performance, which takes 5 hours by train and 8 hours by car.

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Tomoe soon noticed Mitsuo, who was always attending online live events.

“I feel like he’s different from other fans. I can confide in him and talk to him about my problem, which I never tell anyone else.”

She realized that she had a real feeling for him whenever she felt deeply disappointed when he was absent.

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“Once upon a time he wasn’t at our concert. I thought it was weird because he was always there and started looking for him on stage. I was empty because he wasn’t in the audience. I felt. From that moment on, I realized that he seemed to like him. “

Tomoe took the first step by confessing his feelings to his current husband. Mitsuo, who was enthusiastic and shocked, replied, “Let’s start a date!”

Despite having 27-year-old age differenceTying a knot in April of this year, the two were happy to talk together.

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This relationship initially raised concerns from close friends and family. In particular, Mitsuo was the same age as Tomoe’s mother. He finally got the approval of her parents, but after writing a letter assuring them that he would take care of their daughter. One of his promises was that Tomoe’s parents would always be informed when they went out on a date to know their whereabouts.

Tomoe often serenades her husband, as evidenced by former idol social media. Her husband is sitting in the front row at her home performance and waving her glow stick.


Tomoe has over 300,000 followers on TikTok, has received over 29.4 million likes on her videos, and shares a bit of information about their relationship online.

Featured image via _mitutomo_; Mitsuna wave