A Japanese man who married a virtual character with a mission to educate others about “fictitious sexuality”

Three years after “marriage” with a popular virtual character, Japanese men are open to the benefits of having a virtual “wife.”

Akihiko Kondo living in Tokyo Made a global headline In November 2018, at the age of 35, I tied a knot with Hatsune Miku. Hatsune Miku is a virtual pop star developed by Crypton Future Media based on the synthesizer software “Vocaloid”.

In the form of a 16-year-old girl, Miku has appeared in video games, virtual concerts, and even touring with Lady Gaga.

Kondo discovered Miku 2008.. At that time, he was told to take a break from his job after being diagnosed with adjustment disorder. His colleague was reported to have bullied him, and two of his colleagues called him “gross” and avoided him.

“I was in the room 24 hours a day and watched Miku’s video all the time,” he shared.

According to Kondo, Miku’s song helped him fall asleep, and her music eventually motivated him to come out again and return to work.

Ten years later, Kondo wanted to solidify his love for virtual celebrities and spent about two million yen (about $ 15,656) on his wedding in Tokyo.

Over the years, Kondo has posted on social media about the various romantic and social activities he and his “wife” have undertaken.

in the meantime He admitted He said his feelings for Miku haven’t changed, as many consider his relationship with a fictional character to be unusual and unhealthy.

“She makes me smile when we’re together. In that sense, she’s real,” he said.

Kondo shared that he had long decided not to be interested in being with a human partner before his “marriage” with Miku.

He explained that Miku would never betray him like a human partner. He also said she would never get sick or die.

“Fictitious sexuality” is increasing in Japan. These people choose to marry a cartoon character to express their love for their favorite manga and anime. Kondo identifies him as fictosexual and says he shares details about relationships with the general public so that others can better accept similar relationships.

“It’s about respecting the lifestyles of others,” he explained.

Kondo decided to continue studying after taking several lectures on the relationship between Miku and universities. He enrolled in the Faculty of Law at Komazawa University last year to deepen his knowledge of freedom of expression and “sexual and violent depictions involving manga and characters.”

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