A Japanese woman claims her husband played a sex tape of her and her ex-husband at her daughter-in-law’s wedding.



A 37-year-old Japanese man who found out his wife was having an affair with his ex-husband took revenge by playing a sex video during his daughter-in-law’s wedding.

A story told to a Japanese magazine by a 41-year-old woman under the pseudonym Hiroko An An .

According to Hiroko, the two reunited after her husband agreed to invite Satoshi to his daughter’s wedding.

Hiroko explained that she and Satoshi had to divorce after falling into knee-jerk debt due to business failure.

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When her 20-year-old daughter, who goes by the pseudonym Momoka, decided to get married, she asked her biological father, Satoshi, to invite her to the event.

Reuniting with Satoshi for the first time in years, Hiroko admitted that her love for Satoshi, who had remarried after their divorce, had been rekindled. She also revealed that she was the one who caused the incident.

If our affair was discovered, it would be disastrous for both families, so I was especially careful.” mothership.I never left any evidence by e-mail or photo, and always met at my daughter’s house on the pretext of her marriage. It was convenient because her husband was always out on business and her daughter had moved to live with him. “

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The incident, which Hiroko described as “exhilarating”, continued for months.

Before long, Yuta noticed that Hiroko had been acting strangely recently, and began to feel that something was wrong.

He reportedly checked her phone, but found no concrete evidence to support his suspicions.

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Hiroko said she let Satoshi know what had happened after she was almost caught. With his daughter’s wedding approaching, Satoshi decided it was time to end the relationship. He also reminds Hiroko that she has a husband, saying that what happened between them was “just a distraction” and that since they are already divorced, he will never love her again.

After the incident was over, Hiroko thought that everything would return to normal.

During Momoka’s wedding, after the host told the guests that he had given the bride a “surprise”, Yuta suddenly took the stage. Second part Anne reports.

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They then played a video of Hiroko having sex with Satoshi, who was also present at the wedding.

Yuta takes a microphone and declares, “These two betrayed me and cheated on me.”

After watching the video, Momoka cried, “My mother ruined my wedding!”

In hindsight, I realized that it wasn’t surprising that Yuta chose to reveal his infidelity at his daughter’s wedding.

She said they had a good relationship, but never a good relationship.

Hiroko said her daughter disowned her after this fact came to light. Her ex-husband Yuta kicked her out of her house and is now seeking alimony for her adultery.

You have to travel from hotel to hotel every day and it’s hard to find a job at a time like that,” she said. “You reap what you sow.”