A jar of peanut butter triggers an alarm, but the jar contained more than just peanut butter, TSA says

A jar of peanut butter was filled with something that wasn’t creamy when an alarm went off at an airport in Pennsylvania, officials say.

Transportation Security Administration employee Investigated the peanut butter mystery At Pittsburgh International Airport – I found more than just peanut butter inside.

TSA spokesperson Lisa Ferbstein says officers found three e-cigarette canisters with marijuana wrapped in plastic bags.

Travelers reported stashed marijuana canisters in checked baggage was for medical purposesaccording to a tweet on Aug. 4, “Still thought he should try to hide them.”

“Not a good decision,” said Ferbstein.

travelers are pack medical marijuana According to the TSA, put it in checked and carry-on baggage under special instructions.

“TSA’s review procedures are security-focused and designed to detect potential threats to aviation and passengers,” the federal agency said. “Thus, TSA security personnel do not search for marijuana or other illegal drugs, but if illegal drugs are found during security her screenings, the TSA will refer the matter to law enforcement officers.”

Ferbstein declined to say whether the travelers would face criminal charges.

Knife, switchblade and brass knuckles hidden in man’s carry-on, TSA says

Cocaine was spilled between the pages of the cookbook, according to Tennessee Customs.

TSA announces that mother and child had a knife in Darth Vader’s stuffed bear at Philadelphia airport