A Kentucky police officer said an adjutant who received a medal of baller was killed in an off-duty job in a car lot.


An off-duty sheriff’s lieutenant was killed early Thursday in what Kentucky police called target shooting.

According to Sheriff John Aubrey, Brandon Shirley is a 26-year-old adjutant to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and has been with the agency since 2019.

During a press conference Livestreaming by WLKY On Thursday, Aubrey said he was off duty guarding a lot of Sibley’s car when Shirley was shot in the car around 2:30 am. He was taken to a hospital at the University of Louisville, but “his wounds turned out to be too wide and he couldn’t survive,” Aubrey said.

The Louisville Metro Police Station is in charge of investigating the shooting. Police chief Erica Shields said there were two suspects.

Shield called the shooting “offensive” and “absolutely painful and completely unnecessary.”

She said the lieutenant was targeted and ambushed during the shooting.

“If someone really decides to kill you, they will kill you, and that’s the case,” she said at a press conference.

“We will arrest you,” Shields said.

According to the sheriff’s office, Shirley received a medal of courage last year after encountering a crowd to help a photographer who was shot and killed during a protest in Louisville.

“Lost a good agent is of utmost importance. Losing one in this situation will be more difficult for everyone,” said Major George Grissum.

Shirley was described by Grissum as a favorite adjutant to everyone. “He was a good person, I’m glad he was around,” Grissum said.

Governor of Kentucky Andy Beshear Condolences were made on Thursday morning after Shirley’s death.

“The UK and I extend our thoughts and prayers to the family of Deputy Brandon Shirley and the brave members of the Jefferson Sheriff’s Office,” Bescher said. “We are forever grateful to Congressman Shirley for his courage, selflessness, and dedication to the people of the Commonwealth.”

Law enforcement agencies throughout Kentucky also expressed their condolences on Thursday.