A killer whale stranded on a rock in Alaska was saved after a group of people found it and wet it until the tide rose.


A shark lying on a steep rock.

The orca ran aground on the coastline on a steep rock. Danny Jay

  • On Tuesday, a killer whale was stuck on a rock above the Alaskan coastline.

  • A group of people helped save the whales by spraying water on them until wildlife officials arrived.

  • Six hours after the orca landed, the tide rose and I was able to swim into the sea.

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A killer whale stuck on a steep rock on the Alaskan coastline on Thursday was saved after a group of people had been chilled in water until wildlife officials arrived.

In the morning, boaters saw orca landed on Prince of Wales Island off British Columbia. Tara NailsonLiving in the area, told insiders. Niece Arun Melaine, who was in the area visiting her family, heard about a stranded whale and decided to go to help.

Melaine and her friends intervened to help the whale before the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s wildlife authorities arrived. The group used a bucket to water the rock-injured whale.

Melane posted a video of her experience on her TikTok. There, she said, the whales began to become more “active” after being watered.

The group on the boat was able to berth and use hoses to spray seawater on the whales, said Chance Strickland, captain of a private yacht. New York Times.. In addition to keeping the whale cool, the water helped keep other animals away that might have started eating it in other ways, such as birds.

In Alaska, there is a group of people spraying seawater on stuck killer whales.

In Alaska, there is a group of people spraying seawater on stuck killer whales. Genty Photo

“I don’t talk much about whales, but it didn’t look really exciting,” Strickland told the Times. “I cried from my eyes.”

Approximately six hours after officials arrived and the 20-foot-long whale was found, a NOAA spokesman told The Times that the tide had risen sufficiently to return to the sea.

Canadian authorities say that orca Big killer whale, According to the Times. The big orca, also known as the West Coast Transient, is known for hunting other marine mammals.

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