A kind gesture from a Toronto Blue Jays fan becomes a virus after giving a home run ball

After giving a home run ball to a nearby Yankees fan during the May 4th match in Toronto, a kind gesture from a Toronto Blue Jays fan became a hot topic online.

When Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees hit a home run on his left fielder in the sixth inning, the camera chased baseball flying to the Rogers Center seat. There, Blue Jays fan Mike Langi Lotta scooped up the ball and raised his arm. In the moment of victory.

But his next gesture surprised everyone.

Ranji Lotta leaned forward and placed the ball in the outstretched hand of the Yankees’ young fan Dereck Rodriguez. Dereck Rodriguez lined up behind him wearing a Yankees ball cap and a jersey with the name of the judge.

Overwhelmed by the agape and emotions of his chin, the boy wept and hugged Langirotta for a while before they settled down.

The video of their heartwarming interaction soon became viral on the internet.

Informed of the exchange, the judge later stood up to meet 9-year-old Langirotta.

“That’s the special thing about this game,” said the judge. Toronto star..

“No matter what jersey you wear, everyone is a fan and everyone appreciates this game. That’s good. I need to check out the video. That’s something special.”

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.