A large African cat escapes its owner and roams the outskirts of Detroit

Royal Oak, Michigan (AP) —A large cat native to Africa is free-ranged in the northern suburbs of Detroit after fleeing its owner.

According to officials, Caracal was reported missing at the Royal Oak around 6:30 am on Wednesday.

The cat weighs an estimated 50 pounds (22.6 kilograms). Only one of the four large cats in the cage could enter and leave the owner’s garage. The two escaped from the open gate.

The owner used raw meat and pulled one back into the enclosure. Detroit Free Press report.

According to the newspaper, the missing cat was last seen near the elementary school.

Royal Oak Police Lieutenant Albert Carter said Detroit News Cats are in a category of animals that are not regulated by the state. According to Carter, the cat has left the owner’s house at least two other times.

They prey on rodents, other small mammals and birds. They are also native to the Middle East, Central Asia, and India.

“Owners say they don’t harm humans,” Carter said. “They are very passive nocturnal animals.”