A lawyer pardoned for pointing a gun at a protester at Black Lives Matter in St. Louis is suing to get the firearm back.


  • A St. Louis couple who swung their guns at BLM protesters last summer are suing for firearms.

  • Mark and Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor and surrendered their weapons.

  • However, Mark McCloskey said in a proceeding that the Governor of Missouri had pardoned him and wanted to get his gun back.

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St. Louis Lawyer Mark Macroski Taken last summer Black Lives Matter protesters pointed their guns at a march on his driveway and filed a proceeding on Wednesday to regain his weapons.

McCloskey and his wife, Patricia McCloskey, both Convicted in June He was charged with misdemeanor and agreed to abandon his weapons.

However, Missouri Republican Governor Mike Parson pardoned the couple on August 3. Therefore, Mark Macroski has to return the firearm, claiming that he was “exempt from all fraud” in the proceedings.

“There is no justification or right for Missouri to own or hold the above firearms,” ​​the proceedings alleged, returning two guns and a fine of nearly $ 900 to the couple. Requested to do. They paid.

In a protest of racial justice just weeks after George Floyd’s death, the couple made a national headline after being seen on the lawn outside their home on June 28, 2020. Mark Macroski held a semi-automatic .223 caliber rifle, while Patricia Macroski had a semi-automatic pistol.

Mark Patricia McCloskey

Mark T. and Patricia N. Macroski stand in front of their home while confronting protesters marching towards Lyda Krewson’s home in Mayor of St. Louis on June 28, 2020. .. Louis Post Dispatch / Tribunnews Service by Raleigh Scrivan / St. Getty Images

The couple later said they were wielding their weapons because they felt threatened by protesters marching on the driveway. Known as Portland Place, On the way to the mayor’s house.

Neither Macroski fired at the protesters, and no one was injured in the conflict. However, special counsel Richard Callaghan argued that pointing a gun at a protester was unreasonable and dangerous, given that he was unarmed and unaware that he had marched on private land.

Couple Originally charged with felony, The charges were finally downgraded to misdemeanor. In other words, you will not lose your legal license or the right to own a firearm.

Patricia Macroski finally pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment and fined $ 2,000, Mark Macroski pleaded guilty to four misdemeanor assaults and fined $ 750. Was imposed.

Mark Macroski did not apologize for the case, telling the media “I want to start over” after pleaing the guilty plea.

“Whenever a mob approaches me, I do what I can to expose them to the imminent threat of physical injury because they prevented them from destroying my home and my family.” He said.

Mark McClosky is currently running for the US Senate. Neither he nor Patricia Macroski immediately responded to insider requests for comment.

Some prominent Republicans, Including former President Donald Trump, Screamed in favor of the couple. Trump called their indictment “humiliation,” The person had promised More than a year to pardon them if the prosecution advances.

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