A lawyer representing Kyle Rittenhouse and at least 17 suspected Capitol riots was mysteriously hospitalized


John Pierce will speak at the Kyle Rittenhouse hand-over hearing at the Lake County Courthouse on Friday, October 30, 2020.

John Earrings. Nam Y. Hu / Associated Press

  • Well-known right-wing lawyer John Pierce was hospitalized and a colleague confirmed with an insider.

  • Pierce represents several Capitol riot suspects and was fired by Kyle Rittenhouse earlier this year.

  • According to one report, Pierce was using a COVID-19 ventilator, but Pierce’s colleagues did not confirm or deny it.

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One of his colleagues confirmed to insiders that John Pierce, a conservative lawyer representing at least 17 parliamentary riot defendants, had been dismissed by Kyle Rittenhouse.

National Security Journalist Marcy Wheeler First report On Wednesday, one of Pierce’s colleagues, Ryan Marshall, appeared on behalf of a lawyer in a court hearing of a riot defendant in the Capitol.

According to Wheeler, Marshall told the judge that Pierce was unable to attend because he was “in the hospital, wearing a ventilator with COVID-19, and was unresponsive.”

Neither Pierce nor Marshall responded to insider inquiries on Wednesday, and multiple phone numbers on Pierce Bainbridge PC, Pierce’s law firm, were disconnected.

However, the insider received an email late Wednesday from one of Pierce’s colleagues in the National Constitutional Union, a conservative legal body established to counter the American Civil Liberties Union on the left. rice field.

Colleague Brody Womak confirmed that Pierce was hospitalized on Monday “due to symptoms he believed to be related to COVID-19.” He did not confirm or deny that Pierce was diagnosed with COVID-19 and was on mechanical ventilation.

“John is dehydrated and tired in connection with his tireless work on behalf of his clients, including many defendants he represents in connection with the protests at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Seems to have suffered from it, “read the email. “Former Army tank platoon captain John is a born fighter, both inside and outside the courtroom. John is under the control of a doctor, but he hopes to recover completely. John and his family Thanks to everyone. Because of their concerns. “

Marshall reappeared on behalf of Pierce at a hearing of Peter Schwartz, another parliamentary riot defendant, Thursday afternoon.

Judge Amit Mehta said he could not set a trial date “without knowing if Mr Pierce could continue as a lawyer” and asked for up-to-date information on the state of the lawyer at a hearing on September 2. ..

Pierce was fired by both Rittenhouse and Parliamentary riot suspects

Pierce, known for its fierce Twitter presence, hasn’t posted to the platform since August 20th.Only a few days ago he Skeptical tweets about the COVID-19 vaccine“The entire 82nd Airborne Division was unable to stab an experimental government vaccine on its arm,” he said.

Pierce previously represented the 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who was accused of shooting and injuring two people during a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin in August 2020. Rittenhouse family fired piercings Earlier this year, in the turmoil over the legal defense fund, Pierce helped set up with far-right activist L. Lin Wood.

The Rittenhouse family said they had never received a full account of the money raised by the #FightBack Foundation in his name. Pierce had previously told insiders that he had nothing to do with #FightBack since he filed Kyle’s proceedings.

Two of Pierce’s Capitol riot defendants have already dismissed lawyers, according to court documents.

Ryan Samsel, a Pennsylvania man charged with attacking police officers until he lost consciousness, won a motion on August 12 to hire another lawyer to replace Pierce. Alan Hostetter, Former police chief who established the far right groupAlso fired Pierce, and the judge excluded him from the case on August 3.

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