A liberal MP was caught naked during a video conference at the House of Commons

Ottawa-A liberal MP was caught in a virtual House of Commons in a birthday suit.

William Amos, who has represented Pontiac’s Quebec horseback riding since 2015, appeared on Wednesday on the screen of his completely naked legislator.

Screenshots taken by the Canadian Press show him standing behind a desk between the Quebec and Canadian flags. His private part looks like a cell phone in one hand.

“This was an unfortunate mistake,” Amos said in a statement emailed Wednesday.

“I accidentally turned on the video when I was changing into my work clothes after jogging. I sincerely apologize to my colleagues at the House of Commons for this unintended distraction. Obviously, it’s an honest mistake. , Will never happen again. “

Bloc Québécois, a member of the party’s general affairs, raised the case in turn after the question period, suggesting a warning about the parliamentary cabinet system.

“Members, especially male members, may need to be reminded that ties and jackets are required, but shirts, boxer shorts and pants are also required,” she said in French. It was.

“I think the members are in good shape, but I think they need to be careful and take good control of the camera.”

Speaker Anthony Rota later thanked De Bellefeuille for her “observation” and revealed that he hadn’t seen anything, but confirmed with the technicians that they had seen something. did.

He cautioned against caution whenever the MP is near the camera and microphone.

Amos, Parliamentary Secretary of the Minister of Industry, Francois Philippe Champagne, was only visible to Parliamentarians and staff in an internal video conference feed. His image did not appear in the public feed because he was not speaking during the question period.

Liberal whip Mark Holland said Amos was “totally regretted.”

The Netherlands said it was pleased with the explanations from colleagues in his caucuses.

“Do you think it wasn’t malicious? That’s certainly an unfortunate situation,” Holland said in an interview.

“I think it’s part of the world we’re in now. The boundaries between our homes and offices are so blurry that it’s sometimes difficult to try to manage them,” he adds. I did.

“This is a warning to everyone. You should always assume that your camera is on and be careful when walking around a properly dressed camera.”

When asked if he would warn all LDP lawmakers to that effect, Holland said, “Oh, that’s a big deal.”

Catherine Levesque and Joan Briden

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