A lieutenant who slammed a black student on the ground when arrested in a Florida high school will not be prosecuted, state lawyers say


Taylor Bracey

Screenshots from a video released by civil rights lawyer Ben Crump, who represents the 16-year-old Taylor Bracie’s family. @ AttorneyCrump / Twitter

  • A Florida school resource officer who was recorded as having slammed a black student into the ground during his arrest will not be prosecuted.

  • The state law firm made an announcement on Tuesday, WKMG-TV report.

  • “State lawyers couldn’t get Taylor’s justice,” said Ben Crump, a civil rights lawyer.

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School resource officer Hit a black teen on the ground High schools in Osceola County, Florida will not be prosecuted earlier this year, the state prosecutor’s office said.

“As a result of a thorough examination of the evidence and the law applicable to this issue (independent examination), it was concluded that the use of force by Frunier officers did not violate Florida law,” Orange Ose said. Ora lawyer Monique Warrell said. Tuesday press conference, WKMG-TV report. “Therefore, there are no criminal charges in this case.”

NS Graphic video Circulated online in January shows that a police officer, later identified as Deputy Ethan Frunier of the Sheriff’s Office in Oceana County, threw Liberty high school student Taylor Bracie to the ground during his arrest.

Sheriff’s office Said The officer was trying to stop the fight between Bracie and other students. But Ben Crump, one of the Bracies’ leading lawyers, said in an interview that it was a “verbal quarrel.” NBC News at the time.

After the incident, teenage mother James Bracie said her child was “traumatically traumatized.” Suffering from amnesia and headaches..

Officials said Fournier was on paid leave during a criminal investigation from the Florida Law Enforcement Authority. According to WKMG-TV, the findings were then passed to a state law firm.

In response, family lawyers issued a statement against the decision of the state law firm.

“The facts of this case are laid out for everyone to see in the disturbing video. A black teenager is slammed hard on the ground, unconscious, and deputy Fournier at his school. Was handcuffed by, “said the statement. “That kind of power is aggressive and unacceptable and doesn’t seem to exacerbate the situation among high school girls. Taylor still feels the influence of Fournier’s actions and is probably her life. Will be the rest of. “

The statement went on: “This nasty incident certainly sends a message to our colored youth-police officers should not be trusted, and” protecting and serving “is just a pointless slogan. .. Taylor, I won’t stop until I stop. “

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