A live round found next to a presumed dead Colorado woman’s bed


Salida, Colorado (AP) — An unused .22 caliber bullet was found next to the bed of a Colorado woman who disappeared last year and was charged with her husband’s murder of her. The house, the investigator, testified on Monday.

The prosecutor also said on May 10, 2020, on the day when his wife, Susanne Morph, was reported missing by her neighbor, on the third day of a court hearing to decide whether to go to trial, Barry Morph’s body. I showed the camera image with my agent at the couple’s house.Denver Post report..

The agent was looking for an item in Sae Yamamoto’s clothing to help the pursuit dog find her. Barry Morph was in a mountain home in southern Colorado for the first time since his wife was reported missing, and he behaved strangely and refused to search for her, Chaffee County. Deputy Sheriff Andy Lorich testified.

“He isn’t even trying to call her phone,” he said. “According to his testimony, this is the last place he saw his wife alive, and he hasn’t asked any questions.”

Barry Morph, 53, was charged with one murder and other crimes in the death of Sae Yamamoto, whose body was not found, after appealing for a safe return on social media. He has not yet been asked to enter a plea.

When Sae Yamamoto disappeared, investigators photographed Barry Morph’s hand and left arm scratches. This seems to be due to the fingernails.

Defendant lawyer Iris Eitan refuted Lorrich’s explanation of Barry Morph’s actions, noting that he was only asked by his agent to help him get the clothes and would not start the investigation. ..

“He carried out his duties as directed by law enforcement agencies,” she said.

Investigators discover darts guns, empty tranquilizer darts, and needles used to inject tranquilizer chemicals into home darts, Barry Morph’s guns are safe, retired FBI investigators Jonathan Grusing testified. The cap used to cover the needle was also found in the dryer, along with clothing and bed sheets from one of the couple’s daughters, he said. However, no tranquilizer chemicals were found and there is no way to know how long the needle cap stayed in the dryer, Grussing said during an interrogation by another Barry Morphew lawyer, Dru Nielsen.

Laurich did not testify how the live round considered the death of Sae Yamamoto Morph.

The testimony presented by the prosecutor so far is that after Barry Morph killed Sae Yamamoto Morph on May 9, 2020, the day before Mother’s Day, he went to work in the Denver area the next morning, where he put it in several trash cans. It suggests that you believe you have stopped by.

The hearing was scheduled to end on Tuesday.