A lost child in Chester County reunited with a New York owner has a surprised puppy

Last week, Jackson Sun Report the story of Azura DiamanteAn English bulldog found in Chester County after disappearing in New York five years ago.

This week, dog owners have an unexpected dog on their way home.

Azura Diamante hugs her new puppy Miracle.

Azura Diamante hugs her new puppy Miracle.

Picked up by Henderson resident Abbey Bailes in October 2021 and handed over to Henderson Animal Control, Azura was found to have a microchip dating back to Jencosta in Nassau County, New York.

Costa was delighted to see the missing dog for a long time, but was even more delighted when Azura unexpectedly gave birth to a puppy in the backseat of the car.

“I have never experienced this,” she laughed. “I didn’t know there was a pregnant dog!”

Costa decided to explore the area “for a few days without doing anything” because a veterinary appointment was scheduled for Tuesday, January 25, after picking up Azura from Henderson Animal Control.

“So I left town on Monday night,” she said.

Prior to picking up Azura, shelter workers were unaware that the dog was pregnant at the time. Costa noticed that she had gained weight, but the workers submitted her a clean health bill and the duo went their way.

“No one knew she was pregnant!” Costa said. “I don’t think it looked big because there was only one puppy.”

Jencosta is holding a miracle puppy, Miracle.

Jencosta is holding a miracle puppy, Miracle.

According to Costa, Azura began to behave strangely on Monday night.

“She was panting very loudly-I couldn’t even sleep it so loud,” she said. “She was really restless and jumped off her bed. She didn’t know what was going on.”

Later, Costa noticed the wet part of the bed and thought that Azura was urinating in the bed, but the dog had never done that before. Then she noticed the blood.

“I was like’what the hell?’,” She said.

Costa immediately contacted the vet. The veterinarian advised that Azura may be in her labor or infected and Costa should bring her in the morning.

“Again, I’ve never experienced this, so I got their advice,” Costa said.

It seems that Azura had other plans.

“I stopped taking a nap on the drive, and when I woke up, I went to the bathroom,” Costa said. “And that’s when she noticed she was licking something.”

In the darkness of the car, Costa reached for what Azura had.

“I reached out to see what it was — and I couldn’t see anything because the lights were off — and when I touched it, it was wet and moving!” Costa said. “So I cried!”

At first glance, Costa realized that it was a puppy.

The Miracle puppy was born very unexpectedly in the backseat of a Costa car early Tuesday morning.

The Miracle puppy was born very unexpectedly in the backseat of a Costa car early Tuesday morning.

“I was like,’You’re kidding!'” She laughed.

The most amazing aspect of this whole thing for Costa is that, in addition to having an unexpected new member of the family, the puppy died in August and looks exactly like Bruno, her former dog who was Azura’s brother. is.

“Puppies look like Bruno!” Costa said. “It’s wild.”

Befitting, Costa named the puppy “Miracle.” And for Costa, miracles sometimes feel unrealistic.

“I’m excited and still shocked,” she said. “As I keep saying, God needs to have a good sense of humor. I know he’s not doing more than I can handle on my plate. I know this is I know it’s a blessing from God. In a way, it’s like regaining Bruno. It doesn’t seem to be real — I feel like I live in a movie. “

Costa is currently raising money to secure another apartment in New York. This allows her to live with her dog and grow the online cancer support community, Strong Heart Nation.

“I know God will open the door when the time comes,” she said. “I’m grateful that everyone is traveling with me. After all, I’m happy to have a happy ending.”

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This article was originally published in Jackson Sun: Tennessee stray dogs reunited with New York owners have amazing puppies