A Louisiana groom was arrested on a wedding night on suspicion of firing on the highway with his friend’s wife in a car.


NS Louisiana men are arrested A wedding night allegedly fired on the highway while wearing a black tie.

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The incident took place Saturday night at Bonnet Carespilway when Devin Jose Jones, his new wife, and a male friend were involved in a car accident on their way back to Alexandria. Sheriff St. John Parish Mike Tregre told WVUE..

According to Tregre, Jones accused his new bride of having a relationship with a male friend. He then got out of the car, allegedly shot a friend, and fired at another car in the traffic.

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“There was a bad accident of closing a bridge, and while the accident was being dealt with, someone got out of the car and started approaching another car, shooting innocent people sitting in the car in a traffic jam. rice field!” Witness Brian Chapel Jr. I wrote on Facebook of the case. “We are still sitting in a dead end traffic while the police are trying to find an active shooter !!!!!! I have a .45 on my lap and if needed Ready to protect yourself or anyone around me! “

Jones’ wife ran away from the car, police, And evacuated to an ambulance to help those involved in a car accident. Congressman St. John Parish found Jones hitting a car approaching her.

Alcohol is reportedly Factors of the incident..

Two shooting victims were taken to a nearby hospital, according to local media reports.

According to prison records, Jones was arrested on two counts: attempted murder, worsening batteries, and worsening criminal damage to property.