A machete-wielding homeowner slashes the face of a man who has invaded his house, says a Texas police officer.

Homeowners used machetes to fight a man who robbed his home early Wednesday, according to Texas police.

El Paso police said the homeowner woke up around 4:15 am The glass breaks in his house, According to KTSM. When he went to investigate, he saw a metal rod breaking a window outside his house, the television station reported.

Homeowner armed with machete I told the intruder to leave, The El Paso Times reported. When he refused, they got into a fight and the homeowner hit the man in the face of a machete, the newspaper said.

Suspect, 22-year-old Carlos Esteban Villa Esqusa, Arrested in the backyard of a neighbor, CBS4 reported. Police also said he broke into another house in Block and broke the windows of another house.

Villa Esukusa Hospitalized for serious injury, And he was taken to a local prison when he was released, KVIA reported. He is guilty of robbery, avoidance of arrests, mischief of criminals, and trespassing of criminals.

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