A magnitude 5.3 earthquake rattles Southern California. Feeled in a city over 90 miles away

A magnitude 5.3 earthquake was felt in parts of Southern California on Saturday morning.

According to, Templar was part of a series of earthquakes reported in Southern California. United States Geological Survey..

According to the people of Chula Vista, San Diego, El Centro and Indio, they felt a 5.3 quake. USGS, Report what you felt it. This tool collects information from people who report feeling an earthquake and creates an interactive map.

The sway on Saturday morning was felt in an apartment near Del Mar, California, about 95 miles from the location of the quake.

“There are many earthquakes today” USGS Shake Alert Tweeted..

According to the USGS, the quake occurred about 7 miles west of Calipatria, California (in Imperial County).Seismologist Lucy Jones said on Twitter that earthquakes in the area usually occur in herds.

Imperial County Fire Department and Emergency Services Department Tweeted They monitor seismic activity but have no reports of damage or injury.

Contributions: Christopher Damian, Palm Springs Desert Sun. Joel Shannon, USA Today. Follow Gabriella Miranda on Twitter: @itsgabbymiranda

This article was originally published in USA TODAY. California Earthquakes: Calipatria Earthquakes Rattle San Diego