A Malaysian father who takes his baby everywhere when delivering food gives the netizens a mood


A Malaysian man became viral by showing what his devoted father would experience to take care of his family.

The story of the unidentified man was shared online on Instagram and Facebook by celebrity preacher Ebit Lew on June 16th.

According to the preacher, the man’s wife was unable to take care of her child because of her job at a clothing store.The man was also struggling with their finances Food delivery rider He was using a motorcycle borrowed from a man-in-law. The man’s wife is always at work, so she decided to take her baby with her when she gave birth.

“”While working as a delivery rider, I was saddened when I saw a video of this brother carrying a child. “Lew Said In him Facebook post.. “They don’t have enough money. He was crying when we met early today. I’m glad to see him.”

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Impressed by the man’s story, Liu took his father out and bought his own motorcycle. The preacher also said he would pay a monthly babysitter fee so that men do not have to tie their children to their torso every day.

“”Others may make it worse when we think we’re having a hard time, “writes Liu. “When he is given a bike, we can see his tears, which makes us feel more grateful.”

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Some social media users praised what the Malaysian father showed How much he loves His family.

“”Fortunately for the baby, there is a father who is willing to fight hard to raise him and help his mother. [sic]”Written online by one user.

“”This is the love of his father … he is happy to sacrifice whatever he needs to get a little happiness for his family, “another user wrote.

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Two Chinese fathers from Fuyang, Anhui also became viral because they helped with two jobs at Weibo last month. Funding 7 additional children From a struggling family. He is said to have spent eight years sending each child to school with a new backpack and clothes. He is also said to visit each family every month to provide basic necessities such as rice and cooking oil, as well as birthday gifts for each child.

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