A man accused of exploding plots in an Amazon data center arrested in Fort Worth after an FBI investigation

A man planning to blow up an Amazon Web Services data center met with a secret investigator FBI employee in Fortworth on Thursday, giving him a C-4 plastic explosive and teaching him how to use the device, a federal prosecutor said. Said.

According to the FBI, 28-year-old Cesspendry aims to break the doors of a data center in Ashburn, Virginia, explode explosives, and damage computer servers that federal agencies believe they are using. .. Pendry predicted that the destruction would significantly disrupt Internet services and disrupt the “oligarchy.”

FBI agents arrested a resident of Wichita Falls after Pendry put an inert explosive into his Pontiac.

The Federal Attorney’s Office in northern Texas has charged Pendry with a malicious attempt to destroy a building with explosives. He first appeared in the US District Court on Friday.

According to criminal accusations, the agent carried out an investigation warrant at Pendry’s residence and found hand-drawn maps, notes, and flashcards related to Pendry’s data center program. The agent also said he found an AR receiver with a sword-off barrel and a removed barrel piece, a wig, a mask, a toy-painted pistol, a paint can, and a machette named “Dionusos”. blade.

Law enforcement officials learned about Pendry on January 8, when officials notified the FBI of a post on mymilitia.com. According to the criminal accusation, the person provided the agency with a screenshot of a post discussing the riots at the US Capitol on January 6.

“I’m not a ridiculous suicide bomber, but the evil of this world didn’t allow my fellow Americans to continue to be unfairly treated, even with only a handful of patriots standing beside me. Knowing that, a young man will die happily. Pendry, who writes under the name Dionysos, wrote in a post.

In another post, Pendry plans to “do a little experiment” and says it “takes a lot of heat” and can be “dangerous”. Another user asked what kind of result Pendry wanted.

“Death,” he replied.

Pendry wrote in a Facebook message that he was outside the US Capitol on January 6. Pendry then said he brought a rifle modified with a hacksaw to fit inside his backpack. He left the gun in the car, Pendry said.

On Facebook, Pendry expressed anger at the Democratic Party, and a complaint was written in support of FBI special agent President Donald Trump.

Pendley described the app Signal’s data center plans in February, with the FBI source, the recipient of the message, sharing a discussion with the agency.

Source and Pendry agreed to meet in Fort Worth on March 31st. At the meeting, Pendry was introduced to a man who believed that Pendry was the source explosives supplier. He is an FBI undercover agent.

During the meeting, Pendry said he painted the car with a substance that could easily come off after the explosion and disguised it.

The criminal accusation cites Pendry explaining his motives.

“The main purpose is [expletive] I will upload the Amazon server. There are 24 buildings in the United States through which all this data passes. Three of them are adjacent to each other and 24 of them run 70% of the internet.And government, especially higher, CIA, FBI, special [expletive], They have a $ 8 billion annual contract with Amazon to run through the server.So we [expletive] Those servers, and it’s going to offend all oligarchy. “

According to criminal accusations, Mr Pendry said the government overreacted to the explosion and believed that people would awaken to how unjustified the government was.

Prerak Shah, acting federal prosecutor, said in a statement that the person who reported the post on mymilitia.com in Pendry played a central role in stopping violence.

“By flagging his post to the FBI, this individual may have saved the lives of many tech workers,” Shah wrote. “We are also very proud of the FBI partner who assured the defendant was arrested for an inert explosive device before actually harming him. What political sentiment the Justice Department has. We are determined to arrest domestic militants who intend to use violence, even if they drive them to use violence. “

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