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“Sexism” against employees Luxury mattress brand forced hypnosis, “spiritual coaching”: Proceedings

Seth Wenig-Pool / Getty A former employee of luxury mattress maker Hästens filed a lawsuit against the company on Wednesday, and the CEO promoted a “very abusive and sexist work culture” and forced hypnotherapy. He claimed to have imposed his strange spiritual beliefs on the staff, including. In a proceeding filed in federal court in Manhattan, Rizandra Vega claims to have endured sexual harassment, wage inequality, and a “sneaky and disturbing” work culture led by CEO Jean Ride after joining the company as an executive recruiter in January 2020. doing. When she said, Vega said she had encountered “immediate retaliation and subsequent dismissal” on January 7. Her proceedings cite Hesten and Ryde as defendants, seeking a jury trial and “punitive damages.” Hestence’s crackdown on employee spiritual beliefs is a brave abuse of corporate strength that goes far beyond legitimate employment practices. In a statement, Vega’s lawyer, Jean M. Kristensen, will force employees to be mentally instructed, evaluated by a “Claire Boyant Hypnotist” on payroll, and psychological manipulation. These are not features of a safe or legitimate work environment. ” The willingness to retaliate blatantly against Vega, who confronted sexism in the workplace, suggests that he is not as “enlightened” as Hestens claims. We look forward to Hestence taking responsibility for these disturbing and illegal practices, “she added. Hessence didn’t immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment. Texas Lifestyle Coach and QAnon-ObsessedBoyfriend Nabbed for Capitol Riot The Swedish mattress brand is world renowned. Boasts celebrity clients such as the Swedish royal family, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and rapper Drake. Also featured in the Netflix series Emily in Paris, there is now a waiting list for people who are willing to pay $ 400,000 for one of their beds. The Vega proceedings claim that the brand advertises “being one step ahead of the lifestyle curve.” Its business practices are outdated and Ride shows “ubiquitous blasphemy” and “non-professional and illegal activity” around his employees. In a zoom call with more than 114 employees on January 31, Ride accused the employee not in the camera. “All losers who have their screens off — fuck or open the screen. The proceedings claim that” you are either in or out. ” The CEO also sought to control the spirituality of employees by forcing evaluations by individual teams of “mindset coaches,” including hypnotists and “high-frequency vibrations.” “Individual, the proceedings state. Workers were asked to study the “law of attraction,” spiral dynamics, David Hawkins’s scale of enlightenment, and four consensus, a self-help book. Ride also hired Gregory Downey, known as the “right arm, personal adviser, and mindset coach,” to teach employees how to follow these belief systems. “Vega was expected to procure and hire using a matrix of this same belief system. Executive talent,” the proceedings said. “It was a disaster recipe to get employees to use this subjective and mysterious approach to executive recruitment, especially Vega’s resume and to recruit young people in a’cool’. I was told to ignore the candidate’s past work experience. Had more real’, or’sufficient narcissism’and’abundance’. “Employees also had to submit an assessment of their vibration frequency and” light “from Peter Von Ah. “Company salary,” said the proceedings. Vega said she and other employees were forced by Downey to attend a daily thinking session. Her proceedings also allege that Ride and other male executives showed sexist and disturbing behavior. As an example, on November 16, 2020, Ride sent an email containing an abusive video to 18 top employees, including Vega. “Disgustingly, the video contains footage of a lion killing a living prey,” the proceedings said. “Pretending to be a’sales training’video, the narrator compared the salesperson to the lion and said the male lion had to be killed because he was’tired’to wait for the female lion to do it. Comment The video was sent, according to the proceedings, after Mary Beth Greg, Global Head of Human Resources, complained to Downey about a similarly disturbing training tape. When Greg filed a second complaint about the November video, she was “mysteriously excommunicated and excommunicated” by Hessence, “Vega and other employees were barred from contacting her.” It has been with. The proceedings state that they were forced to take vacations to “reflect” and become “fully transparent.” Vega also complained about the November video, at which point she was “suddenly and mysteriously” excluded. [Ryde’s] Proceedings: Epstein threatens to inflict victims on crocodiles On January 7, Vega was dismissed and executives allegedly said she was no longer catching up with her recruitment vision. However, knowing the legal provisions of her contract, “Hestens seized Covid-19’s horror and fake conditional offer,” she traveled to New York City three days a week to work at WeWork. He said he would not be fired if. In proceedings. But her salary is still reduced by 50%. “Indignant and working from home, Vega asked why she needed to go to WeWork’s office during a pandemic. With the proliferation of infections, city leaders absolutely needed. Except in some cases, he repeatedly urged individuals to stay home, “said the proceedings. Hestens allegedly told her that she needed to meet in person to “train the final replacement.” She was fired for the second time on January 26, when she refused again. Please send it to The Daily Beast from here. Put your top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.