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National Review

Democratic Court Packing Stage 2

President Biden and the Democrats still can’t answer a simple question: “Are you going to blow up the US government’s judiciary or not?” This is not difficult — especially for Joe Biden. Last time, when the Democratic president considered destroying the Supreme Court, his party described the proposal as “the most terrifying threat to the constitutional government that has arisen throughout the history of the country,” and “there are no similarities. It will be rejected as strongly as possible. ” Again presented to the free representatives of the free people of America. As a senator, Biden agreed with this assessment. “Roosevelt,” Biden said. “I remember this old saying that power is corrupt and absolute power is absolutely corrupt. In my view, it is corrupt by power and has announced his court packing plan.” Clearly, the president said. Do it to some men. Perhaps noticing the significance of what they are trying to do, Democrats are playing two tracks. President Biden, who is laundering many of the party’s most radical ideas, simply refuses to answer whether he supports the idea and “studies” the matter to increase uncertainty. Announced a bipartisan committee. Equally mean, Nancy Pelosi headlined yesterday saying that the current proposal wouldn’t be voted in the House of Representatives, but the idea was hidden behind Biden’s committee and claimed to be “needed to be considered.” Did not exclude “and” not out of the question “. Meanwhile, the less eccentric Democrats have made positive claims. The bill, introduced by the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and the Chairman of the Court, Intellectual Property, and Internet Judiciary Subcommittee, adds four new judges to the court. Majority. It’s subtle, but it’s not. The justifications submitted by Democrats are ridiculous in their faces. They claim that they “stuffed” themselves into court when Republicans, as the majority party in the Senate, simply used their constitutional powers to approve or reject candidates sent. ing. They argue that the courts need to be expanded to accommodate the growing population and the resulting workload. This is a controversy that misunderstands what the judiciary does and does not make sense in itself (13 courts file more proceedings than 9 courts because all judges participate in all cases. You can’t, and in any case, the court dockets are smaller than they were half a century ago). And finally, they claim that the court is suffering from a crisis of legitimacy. This is true given that Judge Gorsuch, Judge Kavanaugh and Judge Barrett are more popular and trusted than they were before they were added. What is the truth? It feels that as it gets more progressive, the Democrats feel it hits the Constitution itself more often, and when they do, they need a judge who isn’t interested in what the Constitution actually says. That is to say. Understanding this is understanding the overall dirty initiative that will benefit Democrats regardless of their success. If Biden and Co. succeed in their business, the court becomes just another legislature to rubberize Democratic violations. Even if the effort fails, the court can be very afraid of the attempt and begin to bend the knee. And in any case, the public is taught to distrust Article 3. There is only one way out of this dangerous plan. It’s a clear refusal envisioned by Democrats in Parliament in 1937. It must be rejected by the Republicans. It must be rejected by Democrats. And, in the end, it must be rejected by people — not voting for and living under the regime consumed by freeing itself from meaningful constitutional constraints. do not.