A man admitted to Covid after being found alive in Scotland after pretending to die to avoid alleged sexual assault in the United States

A Rhode Island Man According to officials, the person who pretended to be his death to avoid alleged sexual assault was found to be alive in Scotland and suffers from Covid-19.

Nicholas Rossi, also known as Nicholas Alaferdian and Nicholas Alafeldian Rossi, 2008 sexual assault charges in Orem, Utah, And the 2018 attack in Ohio, According to the statement According to Utah County Law Office.

He was arrested and is currently being monitored by police at a hospital in Glasgow, Utah officials said.

Utah County lawyer David O. Levitt admitted that Rossi probably lived “off-the-grid” well, even if he didn’t have a contract with Covid and needed medical care.

“It’s a lot harder than people imagine,” Leavitt told NBC News Thursday.

“People may not know where you are, but on social media, the world is small enough that if someone looks at your photo … if you’re off-the-grid, stay home, I won’t leave for someone, see you. “

According to a Utah prosecutor’s statement, Rossi “flighted the country to avoid prosecution” and “attempted to lead investigators and state council members in other states to believe he had died.”

Various media outlets in 2020 quoted the commemorative website. EverLoved.com, in its Rossi report He died of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma on February 29th.

“Mr. Rossi was found living in Scotland under a pseudonym,” said the Utah County law firm. “He has been detained and the Utah County Law Firm is working with the federal government, International organization to hand over Rossi returns to Utah. “”

Leavitt thanked Olem police and investigators in his office for following up the 2008 cold incident using the latest DNA technology.

“Our hats are aimed at those who stick to this and make it happen. There was a lot of hard work behind the scenes,” Leavitt said.

A Rhode Island lawyer who previously represented Rossi was unable to contact him immediately for comment on Thursday. It wasn’t immediately clear on Thursday whether Rossi hired a new lawyer to fight the surrender.