A man arrested for a fatal puncture wound in the suburbs of London

A man was arrested Saturday morning after one was killed and one was seriously injured in a stabbed incident on Friday evening, according to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

An unidentified man in his thirties was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and attempted murder and detained at a police station in London.

A man in his twenties, suspected of being stab wound by police and rescue workers, died on Friday at a scene in Brentford, a suburban town in western London, around 8 pm.

A seriously injured 84-year-old woman was taken to the hospital, police said her injury was not considered life-threatening.

Police did not identify the person arrested, as is standard British practice. Criminal suspects are usually named after being charged.

Said the Metropolitan Museum of Art There is no connection to terrorists and police are currently not looking for anyone else for puncture wounds.

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Screenshots taken from a PA video of flowers at the scene of a puncture wound at the Albany Parade in Brentford, England, November 13, 2021. (Luke O’Reilly / PA)

Elderly women have been locally identified as Betty Walsh. The seven Irish mothers worked in the local pub “The Griffin” until 1978, said pub manager Gerhard Peleschka.

“She knew everyone, everyone loved her. People knew her for years, she’s a Brentford legend,” Pereshka said.

“It’s just a fiddle,” Pereshka said, adding that “what happened to her just blows your heart away.”

He said the incident was unusual in a close community of “everyone knows” and described it as an “absolutely safe area.”

At the beginning of Saturday, Walsh’s grandson left a bouquet on the scene, but refused to speak to reporters.

One of her sons who did not give his name arrived shortly after. He also refused to speak to reporters, except to say: This is society. “

Police were seen standing outside the Brook Road South home, minutes from the wound site, on Saturday afternoon.

The door of the house remained open as one cop stood outside and another cop was moving around.

A policeman later appeared, closed the door behind him, and guarded outside with his colleague.

PA contributed to this report.

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