A man arrested for having sex with a 14-year-old man who took medicine, the agent says



The woman calls her brother after discovering his “extreme” financial lies

A 19-year-old woman is furious with her brother because she stole the PS4 and refused to return it. She turned to Reddit’s “AmI the A ******” forum for help. Her father bought her a PS4 four years ago. But when her brother became interested in video games, he hijacked the console. Then when he moved to college, he brought a PS4 with him. Now she wants to get it back, but when she confronted her brother, things exploded. “Apparently, his girlfriend decided to become a housewife, and he’s paying the bill,” she explained. “He thought I knew this, so he was very angry that I would” become such a greedy b **** when he needed it. ” We discussed more before he hung up and blocked me at all. [I] I found out that he was lying about financial difficulties. Reddit users thought her brother was completely wrong. “Your brother literally stole from you,” said one.