A man arrested in a Miami shooting left three dead and 20 injured


Police arrested in connection with Mass shootings killed 3 people and injured 20 outside Miami’s banquet hall Earlier this year.

Miami Gardens’ 22-year-old Dabonte Burns was booked late Thursday for three murders and 20 attempted murders, according to Miami-Dade County Prison records. He is not currently detained.

Burns, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Friday, First suspect Arrested in connection with the shooting on May 30.

That morning, three people got off the SUV and were “indiscriminate to the crowd” outside the “scheduled event” at Elmura Banquet Hall on 186th Avenue in the Hialeah district, west of the Miami-Dade Police Department of Miami Gardens. I started shooting at. “

A security video released by the authorities showed that a trio that appeared to have a gun descended from a white SUV and exited the frame. People can see them running back in the car just before they drive.

The three victims killed were identified by authorities and their families as Shaniqua Peterson, 32 years old. Desmond Owens, 26; and Clayton Dillard III, 26.

Authorities provided a $ 30,000 bounty for information leading to the arrest of the shooter and $ 100,000 for the conviction. $ 100,000 was donated by Marcus Lemonis, a businessman and television personality who broadcasts reality shows on CNBC.

In June, the inspector declared the banquet hall Unsafe structure After discovering evidence of electrical work done without proper permission and a breach of the facility’s certificate of use to function as a banquet hall.

The shooting was one of several incidents on the Memorial Day weekend in South Florida.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava saidNew efforts to strengthen enforcement and protection“next Wave of violence by gun..

Some of these efforts include the deployment of joint police and law enforcement special forces “to increase the monitoring and enforcement of potential illegal activities in commercial areas that foster an environment of lawlessness and violence.” Was there.