A man arrested in San Diego after the murder of Chicago

Chicago (AP) — A 34-year-old man was arrested in California after being investigated by police for a fatal shooting of a couple at a Puerto Rican cultural festival in Chicago.

Chicago Police Department said Saturday that Anthony Lorenzi had been charged with first-class murder and was waiting to be handed over to Illinois.

Lorenzi was arrested by the United States Marshals Service on Friday in a parking lot in a San Diego apartment complex.

Chicago Police Department police officer David Brown fled to San Diego on Saturday the morning after Lorenzi fled to San Diego the morning after Jobany Arzuaga (24) and Yasmine Perez (23) were shot dead on June 19, following a parade in Chicago’s Humboldt Park district. He said he knew that.

The couple, who had two children, were attacked after police called them a minor car accident.

In the video shot, several people were dragging Perez from a dark SUV with the Puerto Rican flag sticking out of the window. Arzuaga, who was seen almost covering her on the ground, was shot in the head by a gunman in a white tank top.

Perez died 3 days later.

Lorenzi was charged with the death of Arzuaga. According to police, Perez may have been accidentally shot in the neck by Arzuaga.

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