A man arrested on suspicion of hate crimes for threatening an elderly Asian woman in New York

In Midtown, a 48-year-old man was arrested for harassing an older Asian woman, 65. Manhattan According to police, on weekends. Bobby Eli was arrested the day after the incident on Friday and charged with a second harassment and a third intimidation. According to police, both are counted as hate crimes.

Residents of East Harlem reportedly approached the victim at 4 pm on West 40th Avenue between 7th and 8th Avenues and began to insult her in a racist manner. WINS.. The suspect made the following comment. “You are stupid Chinese blue hair. You are stupid Chinese b ****” And “Why do you have blue hair, b ****?” He also threatened the woman by wielding an unknown object towards her before escaping... The victim was not injured, but she was afraid of her safety. Police were able to identify the man from the pictures the woman managed to take. According to a spokesperson for the Manhattan District Attorney, Eli was arraigned on Sunday afternoon and bail was set at $ 1. NBC report. The arrest took place on the same day that New York City community members gathered in opposition to the rise of anti-Asian violence. Demonstrators advocated building “community and solidarity” to end discrimination rather than increase police activity. Feature image via NYPD hate crime

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