A man charged after the death of a herd of seven-year-old dogs, according to South Carolina police

A man was charged in connection with the attack after a dog beat and killed a seven-year-old boy, according to South Carolina officials.

Shammer Sheriff Jackson and his brother were walking in them Marion County District I searched for Chihuahua on June 13th.

According to his father, Kernel Jackson, they then encountered a herd of dogs “coming from different directions”, making it difficult for their brothers to escape. He said Shammer’s brother managed to escape, but the search continued for a seven-year-old child.

“I didn’t expect to go home and find my son dead,” Jackson said in a telephone interview. “I thought he went somewhere, hiding in a tree or jumping in.”

But he eventually learned that the dog tore all of Shammer’s clothes and killed him, McClutch News reported at the time.

Five dogs and puppies were confiscated from a neighborhood about 45 miles northwest of Myrtle Beach after the boy’s death, but officials at the time said they were unsure if they were the same animals involved in the attack. It was.

Now the 41 year old man Arrested in connection with the case, Several media outlets reported on Monday.

Lorenzo Cardenas is manslaughter and ” Dangerous animal owner According to WBTW and WPDE, it attacks and injures humans.

Some other details about the arrest were in the online post Marion County Sheriff’s Office Share on Facebook page.

No social media posts or Cardenas lawyers provided Online prison record.. The sheriff’s office did not immediately respond to a request for information from McClatchy News on Tuesday morning.

According to South Carolina officials, the 32-year-old boy is likely to have been beaten to death by a dog at home.

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