A man charged with killing three people in a shooting in a tavern in Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin (AP) — A man in Wisconsin was charged Wednesday for killing and injuring three people in a weekend shooting at a crowded bar.

Prosecutor indicted Lacayo Vinson of Kenosha, 24 years old, Early Sunday morning shootings at Summers House Tavern in the village of Summers in Kenosha County attempted three deliberate murders and three deliberate murders. If convicted for any reason, he will face life imprisonment.

According to the complaint, Vinson quarreled in a tavern and injured his face. Surveillance video shows that he went out to the bar patio and fired there. He then jumped over the railing of the patio and escaped, firing when he escaped.

It was Cedric Gaston, 24, who was killed. 26-year-old Atkeem Stevenson; and 22-year-old Kevin Donaldson, all Kenosha. The video shows Vinson exchanging fire with Donaldson outside the tavern. Donaldson was left in the car, but later died in the hospital.

According to criminal accusations, Justin Haymond, Jordan Momani and Kevin Serratos were injured but survived.

Vinson was arrested at Mount Pleasant after stealing a car from a friend. A friend returned the car and then turned him back. Sheriff David Beth.

According to the complaint, Vinson claimed to the detective for hours that he was not in the tavern before admitting that he was fighting and armed in the tavern. He said he blacked out, “and (cursed) down.” The detective took out his wallet from where Vinson jumped off the patio.

During Bison’s first appearance on Wednesday, public defender Christine Watson said he was asked if he was an archer and if the shooting was self-defense, his $ 4 million cash. Insisted on lowering collateral.

“It certainly seems uncontroversial that there was an assault on Mr Vinson at the bar,” Watson said.

Kenosha County Court Chief Justice Lauren Keating refused to withdraw public debt because of the seriousness of the indictment.

“There’s nothing more than a tragedy here,” Keating said of the complaint. “Sadly, this seems to be yet another example of life-threatening, meaningless gun violence.”

Vinson spoke only when the judge asked a series of routine questions about the process and answered, “Yes, that’s right,” and “most certainly.”

Each accusation contains sentence modifiers for repeated criminals and attempted murder or attempted murder using dangerous weapons for a total of up to 11 years. According to criminal accusations, the modifier is based on Vinson’s conviction in 2016 for illegally using weapons in Kansas City, Missouri.

The judge set up Vinson’s next hearing on May 5th.

Summers is about 30 miles (50 km) south of Milwaukee, not far from the border between Illinois and Wisconsin. It is about 6 miles (9.6 km) southeast of Kenosha. I saw anxiety last summer After a white police officer shot a black Jacob Blake during a domestic conflict.Prosecutor charged Kyle Rittenhaus, an 18-year-old Caucasian from Antioch, Illinois Two people were killed during the protest. Rittenhaus said he acted in self-defense.


Madison’s Associated Press writer Scott Bauer contributed to this report.