A man charged with the death of a child returns to Nebraska

Bellevue, Nebraska (AP) — A Bellevue man charged with killing two young children who died at home earlier this month was repatriated to Nebraska and brought to court on bail on Friday. I went to court.

Adam Price, 36, returned from California to Nebraska on Thursday night.Omaha World Herald reportOn Friday, he was ordered to bail $ 2.5 million.

Price has been charged with two charges of negligent child abuse that have killed five-year-old Emily and three-year-old Theodore children.The children were with Price for a court order visit When they are found dead May 16th at Price’s house. Price was not found anywhere and was arrested hours later in Pacifica, California, where he was detained until Thursday.

Authorities have not yet revealed how the children died.

The children’s mother, Mary Nielsen, said she and Price were in the process of divorcing when the children died. Nielsen, who moved to Illinois with the children, has been policed ​​more than once. And asked for information about the children’s whereabouts on social media, but did not contact them for more than two days. Nielsen said her husband had been ordered by the court to communicate daily with the children during the visit.

Bellevue police went home on the night of May 15th and the next morning to see what the children were doing, but there were suspicious points that forced them into the house without contacting Mr. Price or the children. Officials said there was nothing.

A friend of Nielsen went to Price’s house at her request around 11:00 am on May 16th and found the door unlocked and went inside. A friend called the police after discovering the bodies of the children.