A man checks the yard and finds an alligator biting a dog’s head.He pulled out his gun, Florida cop says

A Florida homeowner shot and killed an alligator he found biting his dog, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Wildlife officials have decided that he will not be charged.

The incident occurred in the backyard of Deltona’s home around 6:30 p.m. Sunday, March 5, FWC said in a news release. Deltona is about 30 miles north of Orlando.

“After releasing the dog into the backyard, the homeowner heard a commotion and observed an alligator grabbing the dog,” an FWC official said.

“Homeowner fired gun and killed alligator.”

A lab dog named Winston only had his ears pierced. head held by chin Fox 35 reported that the owner of the 7-foot, 8-inch alligator dog shot the reptile four times in the head “while Winston was still between his teeth,” the station reports.

State wildlife officials took the carcass in for proper disposal, officials said.

“After a thorough investigation into the incident, no charges will be filed against the homeowner,” said an FWC official.

in Florida Designated hunting season — August 15th to November 1st — Hunters must obtain a permit. Restrictions include hunting in designated areas with restrictions on the number of alligators that can be killed.

Alligators are found in all 67 Florida counties, but alligator attacks are thought to rarely cause serious injury. The state has a “Troublesome Alligator Program” that contracts professional trappers to capture and remove threatening alligators.

The FWC recommends that pet owners keep their animals on a leash and away from water.

“Pets are a lot like the alligator’s natural prey,” says FWC.

Floridians facing threatening alligators can call the FWC’s toll-free nuisance alligator hotline at 866-FWC-GATOR (866-392-4286) and trappers will be dispatched, the state said. increase.

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