A man died after a lightning strike on him and his wife during a family trip in Florida


NS South Carolina The man succumbed to his injury after he and his wife were hit by a lightning strike on vacation Florida..

On Saturday, a couple of Brent and Kristengerome were struck by lightning on a beach near Fort Myers. Two children, two and five years old, were close enough to witness the strike, but unharmed, Fort Myers News Press report..

Bystanders attempted to perform CPR on Brent Jerome before first responders arrived at the scene. The couple were then taken to a nearby hospital.

Brent Jerome died on Wednesday, Blog post From Downtown Church, Columbia, South Carolina.

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“The sadness, sadness, anger, and shock that his family, his friends, and the church feel after such an extraordinary accident cannot be captured in words,” the blog post said. Brent Jerome is a high school social studies teacher Church..

Kristen Jerome, Useful for The downtown church youth team is still recovering at the hospital. The church said she was “extremely grateful for the warmth and care she received from her friends and strangers.”

Columbia Firefly, a minor league baseball team in Colombia, I posted a video And a statement honoring the family on Friday noted that they have been the owners of season tickets since the fireflies arrived in the city five years ago.

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