A man imprisoned for arresting the UK’s chief medical officer

A man was imprisoned after arresting Professor Chris Whitty in a park in central London.

Jonathan Chu, 24, approached England’s Chief Medical Officer while walking in St. James’s Park in Westminster on June 27, last year.

The footage of the incident lasted about 20 seconds, showing Chu with former realtor Luis Hughes and was widely shared on social media.

Chu in Chelmsford, Essex, appeared in the Magistrates’ Court in Westminster on Thursday, admitting that he intended to harass, warn, and distress Sir Chris.

Christ whitty
Chris Whitty, UK Chief Medical Officer, addressed the country at the COVID-19 Update on December 15, 2021 on Downing Street, London. (Tolga Akmen – WPA Pool / Getty Images)

He also admitted that he interfered with Pc Steven Ozden.

District Judge Paul Goldspring imprisoned Chu for eight weeks and ordered him to pay £ 1,058 for costs and compensation.

He states:

“Unfortunately, that wasn’t what you immediately corrected.”

Goldspring added that Sir Chris has responded to “the unprecedented crisis of the last few years” with “dignity” and “professionalism.”

“He didn’t choose to get the attention of the world. He has the right to get into his work. He has the right to live a daily life,” Goldspring added.

“You targeted him in the sense that you recognized him from the television,” he said.

“You didn’t upload the video, but you were involved in sharing it.”

“You had an important criminal record. Needless to say, I had a terrifying criminal record,” he added.

Goldspring also said he wanted to create a “deterrence” to stop those who blame those who don’t choose to stay in the public eye.

District justice said it gave Chu “full credit” for pleading guilty to harassment, vigilance, or an intention to cause pain.

He also said he admitted that Chu was not initially intended to be hostile and suffered from learning disabilities, mental health problems, and autism.

While he was sentenced to Chu, Goldspring interrupted the procedure to ask him to stop vaping.

Chew also responded to the cost announcement by saying, “It’s peanuts.”

“Your disdain for these proceedings and this court was breathtaking throughout the process,” Goldspring said.

But when Chu was taken out of the dock, he began singing “West Ham until I died.”

During the hearing, prosecutor Yestin Morgan said Chu began filming Lord Chris on his phone while Hughes grabbed him with a headlock.

In the footage shown in court, you can see the pair ridiculing as Sir Chris tries to escape.

The court then asked how Chu gave his brother Aaron Chu’s name and old address to police officers.

“This caused a waste of police resources,” Morgan said.

He said police attended the address on July 1 and found a man called Harry currently living at the address.

Police officers were able to identify the suspect after Jonathan Chu provided comments on the incident in Sun’s newspaper.

The prosecutor added that Sir Chris suffered from “additional humiliation of the recorded being transferred and uploaded.”

Defender Rabah Kherbane argued that Chew has learning disabilities, “intellectual disabilities,” and “delayed maturity,” and often becomes “frustrated” when trying to communicate with others.

Hughes, a 24-year-old from Romford, Essex, was previously convicted of assault and was convicted last July.

He was sentenced to eight weeks in prison, given a two-year suspended sentence, and ordered to pay a total fine of £ 307 and compensation.

He was labeled “Yovish” by Goldspring and was criticized for leaving Sir Chris “humiliated” after putting him in the headlock.

Chew was sentenced to eight weeks of free sentence with the intention of causing harassment, vigilance, and distress, and at the same time two weeks of sentence for deliberately interfering with the police station for two weeks.

He was also ordered to pay £ 1,058 for costs and compensation.

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