A man in Kherson, Russia’s first major city in Ukraine, says the store is empty and has enough food to last until tomorrow.

Russian military vehicle markings with a

On March 1, 2022, as Russia invades Ukraine, Russian military vehicles marked with a “Z” can be seen on the streets of Kherson.Reuters

  • A Ukrainian man said he couldn’t find food in the store and had only one day of food for his family.

  • He lives in Kherson, the first major city captured by the Russian invasion.

  • Food is reportedly scarce in other parts of Ukraine.

A Ukrainian man living in the first major Ukrainian city captured in Russia told insiders that he couldn’t find food in the store and had enough food at home to keep his family until tomorrow. rice field.

Stanislav, who lives near the city center with his wife and a nine-year-old child, told insiders on Friday that he ate food “only tomorrow.”

Stanislav, who asked to be identified by name alone for safety, said he had about half of the potatoes, flour and bread at home.

He went to the store to buy food on Friday, but said the shelves were empty: “There’s just no food in the supermarket.”

“It’s okay for now, but I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Of course, I want a safe life,” he told the insider.

It’s scary to leave the apartment to look for food, Stanislav said.

He added that the city was relatively quiet as Russia brought aid on Friday, but he heard shootings on the streets.

Russia Provided humanitarian aid Since it invaded Ukraine. However, Stanislav said he would not eat food for fear of being poisoned, although he did not provide evidence that the fear was justified.

Stanislav continued to look for food on Saturday and said he wanted to find something. “I don’t know. You’ll probably find it. [food] I don’t know where

Kherson was the first city captured by Russian troops in the invasion of Ukraine.

Other residents of the city have stated that they are concerned about food shortages. Independent reports.. A man in the city told PA News Agency, “If nothing comes, this town will be hungry.”

Ukrainian officials also say that the city of Mariupol is short of food because Russia is attacking it. According to the Financial Times..Wednesday, Al Jazeera report The food was scarce at the Kyiv supermarket.

Stanislav said Friday that the building in his apartment is now safe, but he is afraid because Russians have attacked the residential building.

Stanislav had previously spoken to insiders on March 2, before Kherson fell into the Russian army. I’m trying to keep him out for fear that he might be the target of the Russian army..

“We are blocked in my city. Russian soldiers are everywhere in the city. They are blocking the city. They walk from one area to another to shoot people. I can’t go. “

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