A man in the name of a police officer who was killed by a police officer during a shootout at the airport

San Antonio (AP) — On Saturday, San Antonio police announced the name of the man who shot himself deadly during a shootout with police officers outside San Antonio International Airport.

Inspector General of Bexar County identified the man killed during the shooting on Thursday afternoon as Joe Gomez, Lieutenant Michel Ramos said in a news release. Ramos did not provide other identification details such as his age and did not immediately return a message for additional comments.

Police chief William McManus said the suspect had a history of mental illness and police had interacted with him in the past.

The airport was closed on Thursday after police were notified of a car running backwards on the airport road. According to McManus, police officer John Maines stopped the car and a driver, now identified as Gomess, jumped out and fired.

Authorities also believe the same man fired early in the day from a busy elevation in northern San Antonio, according to McManus.

police Said On Friday, an inspector general determined that the driver (now identified as Gomess) shot himself after suffering a non-fatal injury from Maines’ weapons.The police had Said first Gomez was deadly shot by the Mains.

According to police, no one else has been hit by the shooting and the Mains are in control until the shooting is investigated, Ramos said.