A man killed by the hail of a police bullet fired by nine police officers on the Nashville Interstate Highway

Twitter / WSM4

Twitter / WSM4

Nine Tennessee police officers fired at a 37-year-old man Thursday afternoon after a conflict on the Nashville interstate highway. Police said the man was sitting on a guardrail on a busy road and died.

The Tennessee Research Bureau identified the victim as Landon Eastp late Thursday. Eastep was charged with unresolved domestic violence with physical injury, according to Nashville court records. His next court day was scheduled for April.

Eastep’s sister-in-law, Samantha McGill-Barge, told The Daily Beast that she was puzzled by being on the freeway on Thursday.

“I didn’t realize there was something wrong,” she said. She added that Eastep’s widow was in contact with a lawyer, but she had no plans to take legal action. According to Magillbage, the two have been dating for nearly four years and have been married for less than a year.

“He loved my sister and my children so much that he was a good person to my knowledge. It’s a very unfortunate situation. It’s a shock. When I knew, I was at home with my children. I did, “she said.

In a video shot by bystanders and posted on Twitter by news agency WSMV, Tennessee highway patrols and Nashville police watch nearly 12 people while Eastep stands still in the right lane of the highway. can do. The entire highway is blocked on both sides. Eastep raises his arm towards the police and the video pauses. After that, you will hear multiple gunshots.

Nashville Metropolis spokesman Don Aaron said at a press conference when Eastp had a utility knife in his left hand and suddenly pulled his right hand out of his pocket with a “shiny silver cylindrical object.” He said he was shot.

Aaron said police officers on the Tennessee Highway Patrol were traveling along the interstate highway Thursday afternoon and noticed Eastp sitting on a guardrail.

Aaron said the man pulled out a utility knife as the trooper stopped and spoke to Estep and tried to get him off the freeway. Off-duty Police Officer Juliet, who was returning home with his family, stopped to see what was happening.

According to Aaron, the two tried to make the situation worse for most of the 30 minutes.

“The man had a utility knife in his left hand. His right hand was in his pocket,” Aaron said. But as police officers arrived and continued to talk to Eastep, Aaron said he “suddenly” pulled an unidentified “shiny silver-cylindrical object” out of his right pocket.

According to Aaron, nine police officers shot Eastep. Police have not yet determined what the object is, but added that it was not a firearm. He added that at least one officer was waiting, but the taser was not used before the shootout.

“When I saw a shiny cylindrical object, the policeman fired. Not knowing what it was, the policeman fired to protect themselves, and what potential in his right hand when he immediately emerged from his pocket. I didn’t know if there was a threat, “Aaron said.

Eastep was taken to a nearby hospital and sentenced to death.

“Through the conversation, the soldiers believed it was okay. It was to move away from the troopers and build a utility knife that escalated to the response of larger law enforcement agencies,” he said.

According to the traffic on both sides of the highway, miles were backed up after the conflict. Tennessee..

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