A man killed in a swarm of Arizona bees, two others hospitalized after hundreds of puncture wounds


A man died and two others were hospitalized after being bitten by bees hundreds of times on Thursday near Tucson, Arizona, officials said.

The fire department was called for a herd of bees in Malana around noon Thursday and took three to the hospital, one of whom died, the Northwest Fire Department said.

The fire department said in a statement that the bees were from an estimated £ 100 open hive in a nearby tree.

According to firefighters, three firefighters were also stabbed, including a firefighter who was stabbed 60 times and was taken to the hospital for evaluation but later released. Officials said the other two did not require treatment.

According to police, bee zookeepers later killed most bees and removed their hives.

From 2000 to 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an average of 62 people died from bee, bee, and wasp puncture wounds each year. Said in 2019.. During that period, the highest death toll was in 2017, with 89 deaths.