A man “leaked” information to the Russians about the location of Bamut’s army and National Guard.

Romantic Petrenko – Monday, May 23, 2022, 11:44

The public prosecutor’s office has announced that residents of Bamut in the Donetsk region have been exposed to treason. The man had marked the position of a Ukrainian defender.

Source: Ukrainian Public Prosecutor’s Office

detail: According to the survey, it was May that citizens agreed to help the invaders.

The man forwarded information about the location and movement of Ukrainian troops and equipment to Russian law enforcement agents over the Internet, filming the location of Bakumut’s National Guard personnel.

In addition, he marked an electronic map to inform intruders that the missile had hit a private infrastructure building in the city.

Currently, the man is being arrested without bail.

reminder: As a result of the Russian airstrikes at Bamut in the Donetsk region on May 17, Five civilians were killedFour residents were injured, including a two-year-old child.

May 19th, Russian troops Another airstrike At Balmut, we are bombarding five-story buildings, private homes and office buildings.