A man murdered by Tennessee police asked to be killed

Nashville, Tennessee (AP) —According to officials, a man shot deadly after being charged with pulling a knife by a Tennessee police officer was suspected of fleeing for the killing of Massachusetts police’s most important nomination list. was.

Plymouth District Attorney Timothy Cruz identified the man as Marvin Beiga, 32, on Monday and said in a statement he was suspected of shooting a 25-year-old man in October 2020.

Veiga was loose until Friday, but Nashville police officer Christopher Royer shot him deadly during a traffic outage, said station spokesman Don Aaron.

According to Aaron, when Royer ran a white Mercedes sedan license plate, he was patroling in a police car and discovered that the plate was actually registered on the green 1998 Chevrolet. After the police stopped Mercedes, the passenger escaped from the car with a knife in both hands, according to a spokesman.

Later Royer could hear in a body camera video requesting a backup, telling the passengers to drop the knife, and saying, “I don’t want to shoot you.”

Veiga continued to run on Royer, who fired three times, the video showed. Veiga died in the hospital and Royer took up a managerial position.

Veiga has been added to Most Wanted List In March, media reported shortly after authorities obtained an arrest warrant for murdering him. Cruz said at the time that Veiga “has a close relationship with Boston.” It wasn’t immediately clear what he was doing in Nashville on Friday.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation will investigate the shooting and police will consider it. After the TBI completes the investigation, the district attorney decides whether to prosecute.

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