A man recording his wife’s cancer treatment on TikTok went viral saying she was “pushed out of the hospital” because people who “refuse” the vaccine are taking up space.


Jason Arena

Jason Arena records his wife’s cancer treatment at TikTok. Jason Arena / TikTok

  • A video of the man who made TikToks about his wife’s cancer treatment was spread by word of mouth.

  • He criticized unvaccinated people and suggested that the hospital was overcrowded after getting Covid-19.

  • Overall, this clip has been viewed over 6 million times on TikTok and Twitter.

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TikTok, a man who criticizes unvaccinated people and those who “don’t think Covid exists,” has been talked about with 4 million views since it was posted earlier this month.

Video posted by TikTok users @ talkthetruth101, Username is Jason Arena, Thursday, August 5th. In the clip, Arena states that his wife, who is currently being treated for stage 4 breast cancer, was discharged earlier than she should be. Left in the hospital for Covid. “

He suggested in a clip that “99%” of people currently being treated for Covid-19 at the hospital where his wife was being treated were not vaccinated. According to Arena’s GoFundMe page, he and his wife are based in Mooresville, North Carolina, but have not identified a hospital receiving treatment. New York Times It suggests that 0.5% of patients in North Carolina who need treatment at Covid-19 hospitals are fully vaccinated.

The arena told TikTok, “My wife was in pain, so I took her to drain her fluids. She was there for two days, but to be honest, she should be there for another two days. “

Then he went on to say, “On the third day, instead of draining her fluid, they had to leave her because there was no room left in the hospital.”

The arena has criticized unvaccinated people and those skeptical of the virus’s presence as “rushing to the hospital and putting everyone at risk.”

“If you really believe that Covid isn’t real and you really don’t need to get the vaccine, which is your right,” he said. “I’m not going to discuss it with you.”

“But what I argue with you is to rush to the hospital if you get the virus. If you don’t trust the medical field to prevent the virus, why do you trust them to treat you? Do you do? “

He goes on to say, “People who really need treatment for chronic illnesses, like my wife, are kicked out of the hospital because your stupidity is too stupid to be vaccinated.” Continued.

The arena concludes the video by saying, “If you really believe that Covid isn’t a big deal, prove it. Stick to the gun, stay home and deal with it.”

The Arena clip has been played not only on TikTok 4 million times, but also on Twitter 4 million times. Reshare “I’m here for this,” in a tweet by writer Travon Free.

Arena, with about 46,000 followers, is a regular poster on TikTok. He usually posts clips to discuss his wife’s condition and share his views on pandemics and other related issues.

The arena is also GoFundMe To fund his wife Marilyn’s cancer treatment. The campaign raised over $ 33,000 out of a $ 100,000 goal.

The arena did not immediately respond to insider comment requests.

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