A man sleeping to die warmly in a van outside his house dies in a fire, according to Texas officials

A man in his 60s died in a fire in a van he was sleeping on on a driveway at his home in Houston, Texas, officials said.

The Houston Fire Department responded to this scene near Tierwester Street and Rebecca Street around 6 am on Sunday, January 6. The firefighter found the man dead in the van.

He was Let’s keep warmKTRK reported, witnesses told firefighters that candles were burning overnight on the van’s dashboard.

The temperature has dropped 30 degrees According to Weather.com, in Houston on Sunday.

There were many more A candle was lit inside The vehicle, the investigator, told KPRC. The man seems to have burned multiple candles to heat the van, but authorities have not stated whether it led to a fire.

According to the television station, he was parked outside his relative’s house.

Houston firefighters are investigating the cause of the flame, a spokesman told McClutch.

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