A man stabs and shoots three French police officers.Unknown motive

Paris — Officials said an unidentified assailant stabbed a police officer at her station in western France and shot and killed two other police officers before being detained on Friday. The motive for the attack is unknown.

The suspect was seriously injured during his arrest, the French National Gendarmerie told The Associated Press. His identity has been confirmed.

According to the gendarmerie, three police officers were injured, but their lives were not different.

According to Gendarm Service, after stabbing the first police officer at her station in La Chapelle-sur-Eldor, a suburb of Nantes, the assailants robbed her of her gun and fled.

French police deployed helicopters, search dogs, and more than 200 police officers to find suspects and closed nearby schools and shops. According to Gendarm Service, when he was found, he fired at a police officer trying to arrest him.

Police and ambulances blocked roads in normally quiet residential areas.

Interior Minister Gerald Dalmanin and Prosecutor Nantes headed to the scene of the attack. Domestic security and police attacks have become a major political issue ahead of next month’s local elections and next year’s French presidential election.

Two police officers have died in France in recent weeks. One is an administrative officer stabbed in a police station near Paris, which authorities are investigating as an Islamic extremist attack. The other was a drug control officer who was shot dead in the southern city of Avignon.

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