A man trying to eat a memory card full of evidence of child pornography sentenced to 12 years in prison


In 2017, Dan’s deputy sheriff stopped the blue Lexus and found the driver apparently tense, shaking and sweating in an air-conditioned car, according to federal prosecutors.

According to court records, lawmakers also noticed that the dashboard pry mark and radio looked like an off-quilter, and soon found a hidden compartment packed with $ 111,252 in a grocery bag.

But the real problem with David Sierra Orosco, 31, began when lawmakers searched for him in Harnett County Prison. Orosco pulled a folded $ 100 bill out of his pocket and recorded five computer memory cards spilled — he immediately tried to eat it.

Congressman picked up three cards and later recovered another from Orosco’s mouth. Investigators found more than 20,000 child pornographic images on the card, and on Monday Judge James C. Dever of the US District Court sentenced Orosco to 12 years in prison.

“These are real kids,” Dever told Orozco in court on Monday. “They aren’t computer images, they’re not fiction. They’re someone staring at her and someone is a toddler.”

In March, a federal jury convicted Georgia resident Norcross for possessing child pornography. An illegal immigrant, he is deported at the end of his sentence.

The large amount of cash found in Lexus “remains somewhat mysterious,” Dever said on Monday. At the time, court records show that Orosco was paid to drive a car and told his agent that it had nothing to do with money.

Two years ago, a federal public defender sought to curb all evidence from traffic violations and “long-term seizures,” claiming that Orosco had not committed a traffic violation and lawmakers had no reason to suspect him. bottom. They said Orosco speaks little or no English.

However, in court records, the agent stated that the registered owner of the car, not Orosco, had an expired license and his driver, Orosco, crossed the centerline. He agreed to search in English several times.

“Mr. Orosco clearly disagrees with the police officer’s explanation,” wrote assistant public defender Catherine Shea in 2018.

Orosco spoke through a translator and declined to comment on Monday.

His lawyer, Ryan Willis, said he had been attacked by other prisoners since Orosco was arrested and asked him to spend time in Texas, which is associated with Mexico.

“Obviously, the content of the image in this case is horrifying,” he said.

As part of his ruling, Orosco must undergo a mental health assessment and sex offender treatment program. He also has to pay $ 5,000 in compensation to one of the victims.