A man used a street signpost to dump an Asian-American-owned convenience store in North Carolina into the trash.

Hate crime

Against hate crimes and white supremacy, more than 200 people gathered in Washington Square Park to support the Asian community. The rally was organized by a loosely decentralized movement of ANTIFA (anti-fascists) and the abolitionist community. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surge in hate crimes against Asians. Lebradin / Getty Images

Screaming a racial slur in Charlotte, North Carolina, a man used metal stanchions to dump an Asian-American-owned convenience store in the trash. Charlotte Observer report.

The incident occurred on Tuesday near the Charlotte Transit Center. The security footage seen by the observer shows a man waving a street signpost in the Plaza miscellaneous goods refrigerator. Men can also see pulling the merchandise rack to the floor.

Charlotte-Mecklenberg police did not respond to insider comment requests at the time of issuance.TheĀ· Associated Press Police reported that the transit center security company had arrested Xavier Rashee Woody-Silas in connection with the attack.

Woody-Silas was arrested for robbery with dangerous weapons, transmission of intimidation, chaotic behavior, personal property injuries, and resistance to civil servants.

Mark Son, whose parents own the store, said the perpetrator’s friend (as seen in the surveillance footage cheering on the attacker) returned after the man was arrested and called his mother a cat. I told the observer.

The owner closed the store to clean up, and a friend was sexually moving outside towards Son’s mother. He also returned a few days later to harass his parents, Son told observers.

“(He) remade these sexual poses and told her to do these sexual acts, and she’s just furious, but she doesn’t know what to do,” Son said. ..

Report of hate crimes to Asian Americans It has increased dramatically over the past year. Last week, a 65-year-old Asian woman Yelled and assaulted On Monday morning, on my way to a church in New York City.

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